Return first 'false' checkbox

Hey all,

Note: for this example :white_check_mark: = true, :white_large_square: = false.

Column A

  • I need a formula that returns the 1st ‘false’ (unchecked) checklist item from Column B.

Column B
:white_check_mark: ABC
:white_large_square: XYZ
:white_large_square: 123
:white_large_square: 456

So in this example COLUMN A would return only :white_large_square: XYZ. Then when XYZ is checked off, it would return :white_large_square: 123.


hi @Danny_Pettiona , I am not sure i this is what you had in mind

IF(thisRow.checkbox=false(),"",thisTable.Filter(checkbox = thisRow.checkbox = false()).First())

Hope it helps, best, Christiaan

Hey Christiaan, thanks for the reply.

No slightly different, the checkboxes are all in a single cell, formatted as a text column.

h @Danny_Pettiona , if you could share a doc with the concrete example, we could have a look.
multiple checkboxes in a single cell is not something I am used to, on the other hand the result of a form is sometimes you end up with many true & false results you can dump into a single cell.

best, christiaan

You mean a single Text field with multiple lines formatted as checkboxes?

Not impossible but requires using some black magic to hack into the way checklists (and other formatted text) is stored:


@Paul_Danyliuk thanks so much my friend. Worked perfectly!