Fourmola lookup to array in one cell

i have a array in one cell (A1) , like this:

and i have a table of prices, like this:
data - cost
dog - 1
cat - 2
fish - 3

i want to get a formula that sum all the array, 1+2+3=6.

i traied to put this, its work in Excel, but dont wotk in Coda…

help!! tY!

on the canvas type

i have many cells like this. i want a formula that for any cell will return the sum…
dog,cat = 3
fish =3…

Ah, that’s a bit more complicated, but doable.
Look in my doc and make a copy so you can check out the formula.

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ty my frind, i cant see the formula in view only…
can u write it?

You need to copy this doc and then you can play with it (there are three little dots upper left - one of the options is copy).



ty, work execellent!!!
i tried to copy. but in offline mode, dont know how to get into online… (first day with Coda=])

I just added another table with a lookup - which I like better - and the formula is very simple. The only drawback is that you can’t repeat the same choice in the same row, so ‘cat cat’ is not possible, but you’ll get a list of all available items and you can’t make typos.
The selection column is a lookup column.

This is exactly what I was looking for. i dont want a option to repeat the same choice. TY!!