“From” Email Field in Gmail Pack Not Working

Reposting this prior post link as I’m experiencing the same thing and have not figured out how to resolve this; I’ve attempted to reattempt connecting the Gmail pack with no change in outcome.

"In the Gmail Pack the sendEmail() action has an optional “from” field that leads me to believe the email address a message is sent from can be assigned via formula, but no matter what I do I can’t see to get it to work.

Has anyone been able to make it work? Here’s a screenshot:"

Does anyone have any guidance on how to leverage this ‘from’ field successfully?

Currently it shows a send of just my first name of which I want to modify to say something more generic as the from name. I’ve been able to successfully use the ‘reply to’ field but the ‘from’ field has no impact on what the email sent indicates as a ‘from’ value.

Woah! That looks like my screenshot . . . In fact I think it is? Interesting. Where’d you find it?

Here’s what I think is going on:

Google sends messages by default from the account you sign into. If you are signed in with heathergomez@gmail.com for example, you cannot assign any arbitrary email address to be used as the “from” address

Imagine being able to send all your emails from joebiden@gmail.com or elonmusk@gmail.com. Hopefully you see the issue there

What Google DOES allow you to do is assign yourself an Alias (if your email address has a custom domain which you can manage) and then use the From parameter to send from a valid, and already assigned, Alias

Please note that an Alias is, in this specific circumstance, very different from a google group.

For example, I own SimplaDocs and my email address is scott@simpladocs.com. I’ve also assigned myself an Alias of info@simpladocs.com and support@simpladocs.com

So my guess is I could change the From parameter to be any of those aliases but nothing else.

I’m guessing this because this is a rule with Google apps script where I’ve used gmails api many times. But I haven’t specifically tried it with the gmail pack for Coda

Another workaround
If you really want to change the from address, you can use Mailgun and the Mailgun pack! It allows you change it to anything you want. But beware! It may cause all your messages to hit spam

A final workaround
Create multiple google accounts and sign into each account individually in the gmail pack.

Thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir ! I failed to include the original link but saw you post essentially the same thing previously in the Coda community and was resurfacing here since I didn’t see a closed solution defined. Here’s your original post: "From" Email Field in Gmail Pack.

I’ll take a look at aliases and had also considered just setting up a separate email account to sign in against and by-pass attempting a workaround. Just wanted to find out if I was missing something completely obvious with this field.

Thanks again for the response and by the way, I had watched one of your Coda Guy videos on using the Gmail pack earlier today as well and found it very helpful - got me over a template hurdle quickly!

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Nothing quite like a good Coda Guy youtube video. Keep the questions coming! And let me know if you find any luck with Gmail Aliases

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