Send Gmail "from" does not do anything


Hi when I set up an automation to send an email to someone I would prefer it to be showing a different name.

Unfortunately I cannot make it to happen by filling in the “from” field. It even does not only state the name corresponding with that mailadres i.e. I get the mails as instead of First Last Name of the account.

Is this someone else has experienced too?



This is by design, specifically gmail’s design. In order to send email as an alias through a gmail account, you’ll have to register that alias. See for instructions.

I create a number of forwarding inboxes for domains, for example, photos@mysite.fake forwards to Because mysite.fake is a GSuite account, I can register photos@mysite.fake without SMTP settings. The same is true for all gmail accounts. For other accounts, you’ll need to provide smtp settings.

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It’s also a bit of an artifact for how gmail parses the “from” field.

If you adjust the text in the “from” input to take the form of Display Name <>, you can control the display name explicitly.

E.g you could do something like: Auto Michael <>

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@Blessing_Osakue and @matthudson thanks!
The combined answer was the trick to let it work.

So I added a different mail as an alias in gmail i.e.
Then placed the "Name " into the from field and that works like a charm!