Fun solution to variable max scale number

I had someone reach out asking about having the max scale number of a column vary. For example, if the goal is 10 and 2 tasks are completed, you’ll be able to select 2 stars out of 10 selectable, but if the goal in another row is 14, then you have 14 selectable stars. Here’s the solution I came up with, essentially sequencing the values of both the actual number and goal, then using FormulaMap to put an emoji to each value. Feel free to play around with goal vs. actual to see how that changes the scale!


FYI it’s incorrect when actual is 0. Sequence(1, 0) actually still outputs the sequence, just in a backwards order (as you can see in Actual Count column).

The working formula would be:

  thisRow.Actual >= 1,
  Sequence(1, thisRow.Actual),

@Paul_Danyliuk Good catch, thanks so much for clarifying this!

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