Change the Max Size for Status Column

Hello! Is it possible to change the Maximum value for a Scale column?

I want to use the Staffed column to show how many people have been assigned. A Trio should be out of 3, a Quartet should be out of 4, so I want the number of rectangles to adjust.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 3.23.56 PM


One solution (simple) would be with drawing some emoji instead of using a progress bar:

(note that formulas are incorrect there, Sequence(1, x) goes backwards when x < 1 and draws two items if x = 0.

Another solution would be with rectangles. It’s more complicated to implement, but more flexible (e.g. you can color-code your band members and see team staffing at a glance):

To think of it, you can use different emoji too. All solutions would require a formula of a sort, so just see what’s easier for you / good enough.