Set the maximum number value for a column?


I have a column that is calculating the data from a few columns to create a score. However, I want this score to be out of 10 and sometimes, the sum comes out more than that.

For example, the score may be 26 but I want to use a scale to display that score out of 10 in relation to other rows.

Is there a way to set the max value so that if the sum is 26, the rows score is set to 10?


Dear @Sean,

Would you mind to share a copy of your doc with some dummy data in case the current content has sensitive data.

The community and Codans will do their best to help you out :hatching_chick:


If you just want to limit any score above 10 to be exactly 10, you can use Min(Calculated score, 10) function.

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Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets and @Paul_Danyliuk!

That use of Min() is a great idea and should do what I need.

For reference, I’m trying to make a table to prioritize projects based on the RICE framework. However, was running into issues with the scale getting red indicators when the translated score was above the scale’s limit of 10.

Testing out the idea from @Paul_Danyliuk seems to do the trick!


Would an “If” statement work for you?

If(thisRow.Score/100 > 10,10,thisRow.Score/100)



Just another idea, if you want a truly relative score between your projects you can do


But that might be “too linear” and not suited for large variance. So try square root,



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