Gain insight into breaking changes warning

Upon releasing a new version of a pack, the studio sometimes prompts with a breaking change notice. In my case, 9 breaking changes. Is there a way to gain insight into what exactly has been detected as breaking? If not, is there a general guideline to follow for what is considered a breaking change? I suspect this comprises re-arranged params, re-named params. Is there a comprehensive list (or code pointer to where this validation is done)?

Hi @loucadufault - We recognize that the current breaking change notification isn’t that actionable, and we’re currently working to improve the experience there. Other that looking at the code diff, there isn’t a way to determine exactly what Coda sees as breaking. We don’t currently document all the breaking types of changes, but that is a good suggestion. The validation is done inside of private Coda source code, so I can’t point you at it.

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