Protect application from accidental breakage

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a Coda application to be used by a team of people and I’ve been having a lot of success. I’ve tried a number of similar tools and none of them have been both flexible and easy to use like Coda. I’m only a couple of days in and I’ve already made a huge amount of progress, which is great stuff.

As I prepare to release the application for use at some point I need to lock it down such that people can make DML changes - e.g. add/update/delete data in the application, but not make DDL changes e.g. accidentally delete a table or part of the application logic, break a complex formula, mess up colour coding etc.

I don’t see the ability to do this right now. I can either let people view the page only, or do anything they want to it, with nothing in between.

Apologies if this is already covered. I saw a request to lock down rows in a table not a request to lock down the application itself. Also apologies if this is already possible - I’m still very new. :slight_smile:


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Just wanted to second this need. I have had the same - massive success with big teams using Coda, and Access control restriction is critical and coming up some day. I’m sure its one of the top requests.


hey guys, good point! just a heads up, before submitting a new request in this form, please make sure that this hasn’t been already covered and vote or add detail to that topic… (search function can help :slight_smile: )

here ==> Granular Permissions

you’ll find a similar topic… and it’s only a few rows under this one :slight_smile:

Hi, I saw that thread but it’s a different use case to what I’m describing. My concern is to prevent accidental breakage of the application as opposed to security of data (though that’s also a good idea!) Thanks.