Get Column Formula result to be in each row of table instead of all results in every row of the table

I’m sure this is super easy, but I cannot figure out how to get the results to go into each individual rows instead of all going into one row.


Example if I want all the unique names from a list in another table, Unique(TABLE.Colors) and I will get Green, Red, Blue in every row. I want it to be:

3 rows total each with one color. What am I doing wrong? Is it a formatting thing, or a formula thing. I promise I have searched a lot and guess don’t know what I’m searching for.

In Google Sheets terms (which I’m more familiar with) the result I’m getting is like a TextJoin in each row, I want the Query output.


What do you think about these column formulas?

Hi Ander,

Thanks I greatly appreciate the reply, but not quite what I’m looking for as I need them separate. I don’t know if this helps, but I’m looking to put the unique values into a new table and not into the same one.

I guess the better way to say it is that is the output I want, just not all in every row. I want each row to have just 1 of the results in a new table.

Do you mean how GSheets returns the results of the Query() formula in separate rows?

Coda returns Filter() results differently than that. It takes a different approach.

If you can describe your use case, it will be easier to point you in a good direction.

Thanks again for your help and time.

Yes, exactly right the way that Query formula puts it in separate rows. Based on what I have searched for and your comment, I’m guessing it is not possible.

I made a new table on your example called results which is how I’m hoping to have the output. I did it manually there, but obviously looking for a formula to create for me.

I’d like to have that output in separate rows so I can create validations/properties that are independent of the table the results are being pulled from.

Sorry if I’m not describing it better, but I think from your comment you have the right idea of what I’m looking for.