Get Last Field For a Specific Record?

I absolutely LOVE Coda and am in the process of moving as many things as I can to it, but I’m coming at this from a database frame of mind.

In a table I have the rows member, date, previous action items, and current action items.

Is it possible to create a button that will look up the last (last by date) current action items for a member and add this info to the field previous action items?

HI Chris, I am not 100% clear on what you are trying to do?

The doc below has an update column , and when a new update is made the old update is moved by button to the archive column.

Does this help

Ranbling Pete

Thanks for the reply!

I have requested access to that document.

I really could have done a better job of explaining my question.

Here is (I think) a better version.

I have 1:1 meetings with my team members every week and this information is stored in a Coda table.
When I create a new record for a team member I would like to copy the previous information from the column Current Active Items from the last meeting meeting with them into the column Preview Action Items on the current record.

For example I have the table:

Date             Member     Current Action Item     Previous Action Item
5/13/2022    Karl             Task B                           Task A
5/13/2022    Julie            Task D                           Task C
5/06/2022    Karl             Task A                           Task Z
5/06/2022    Julie            Task C                           Task 2

In this case, on the next meeting for Julie I would like to populate the field Previous Action Item with Task D and on the next meeting for Karl I would like to populate the field Previous Action Item with Task B

Hey @Chris_Hall ,

two questions that could change the way of building this:

  • are tasks lookups form a task table or just written into the column?
  • if lookup, are tasks unique per person or can two people have the same task?
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HI Chris,

Sorry, the embed I gave above really shouldn’t have happened. I Gave you access to the SAP KAT document instead, which is the generic, public version.

What I showed in the above embed is to take an action item, and then record multiple action items against it.

What is also part of the document is the ability to have meetings, record their minutes and action items.

(Maybe an aside on the purpose of the doc - it is to move the information people share on meetings, and in emails, into a central location. These meetings and action items can then be linked to topics, (Functional Design Documents) so that the information is easily grouped together by topic.

There is a meetings table, where every row is a meeting. Column “Meeting Details” is a canvas column, which contains a meeting template. This template makes provision to record attendees, action items, as well as an agenda, notes (made in preparation and/or as part of the meeting) and a place to record decisions. The template is just another page, and therefor freely definable.

Back to the table, the idea is to add a button that will forward the meetings detail column to attendees as a set of minutes of the meeting.

See if this gives you any inspiration.

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I need to move these to lookups, thank you!!!

I’m still getting my head around Coda and this was a big help!

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Thank you! yes, this was a big help!

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