Get the value of the row before

I’m trying to get the value of the cell in column x in the row above. How do I do it?

Thanks for the help

Hi @Joelle_Gaillard

Basically the formula will use the filter like this.

But Please be careful ! Here I used RowId, but you will not necessary have your row sorted by row id like that. You must find the key your data are sorted in

I would suggest to select a criteria (alphabetical order, date), and create a Rank according to this criteria, and then use the same formula with this rank

For example if your data are sorted by date (with no consideration of row id)
Create a rank by date like this

And use the same formula but this time with the filteria criter “rank by date” and not rowid !

And you can make this with every sorting criteria you want, to fit what you call “row from above”

Is that clear for you ?


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Yes, perfectly clear.
Thank you very much for the answer and its speed !

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No Problem Joelle, please let me know if you have any additonnal questions !


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