Gmail / Google Drive Images Copy-Paste

Hey, when I copy paste message from Gmail - Coda is embedding links to Gmail, which can be seen on my/team’s account BUT cannot be shared for other non-company users.
Is there a quick way to convert all embedded images into copy/pasted one?
Because at the moment we need to do it manually.


If the images aren’t stored on a publicly viewable link, then I think manually is the only way to make this happen. Usually images in an email, like a marketing email, are publicly viewable on the web so they can be viewed by anyone. If these images were placed “inline” with the message, then they will have more strict viewing permissions.

Yes, I’m talking about inline images. BUT I can copy/paste them easily one by one. Is it possible to somehow mimic that process on Coda’s or browser’s side?

I don’t know you’d mimic the copy/paste of an image. You’d have to know the link of the image already and then pull it in. There isn’t a way to have links in Coda and then have those links automatically download the image.

I might be missing what you’re asking though.