Gmail pack sync error 400 precondition failed

Got sync set up hourly, this intermittent error results in actual updates coming through once per 1, 2 or 3 hours. When I press sync, it works. Tried changing the sync to a button, pressed by a bot with my permissions (acting as my account instead of coda bot) - no dice. When I press “test automation”, it works though. Made Coda trusted in google workspace’s security settings, running out of braincells extremely fast with this issue.
Edit: found that you can’t trigger a sync via automation. Still doesn’t explain the error on sync though…

Really hope you guys have any ideas on how to have this run consistently.

My sync settings:

And here’s the error:

Hi @Artur_Dobryashkin - This seems to be an error specific to your doc, so I’d recommend opening a ticket with the support team, since they have the access required to take a closer look and can escalate to the engineering team if needed.

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