Gmail Packs and Delegated Email Addresses

I have two work gmail email addresses. One is my more personal work gmail and the other is a delegated program-lead account I have been granted access to (others have access to this account as well). One thing to note: the personal gmail was the account that was given delegate access for this delegated gmail account. I am essentially logged into the personal gmail to send and receive emails on the delegated account.

I would like to use the delegated gmail account for all communications to and from doc editors using the Gmail Pack. I am having trouble enabling this as the gmail pack keeps defaulting to using my more personal work gmail.

Is it possible to use a delegated gmail account with the gmail pack in Coda?

I think it’s just a matter of setting the From parameter when you send from Coda. There is also a ReplyTo parameter you can set.

These require that you have permission to send from that email address, but you sound covered on that part with the delegated access.

You can set your From parameter to be

Your Name<>

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