Push Email Button w/ out setting up Individual Gmail Pack

Hi Everyone!

I created a doc that ~80 people in my company use. I want all users to be able to click a button that shoots off an email if they are interested in participating in a task. However, I won’t be able to get all 80 people to connect their gmail to coda via the pack. Right now, I’m seeing that if they don’t connect then they can’t press the button.

Is there anyway around this?


What address do you want the emails to be coming from?

Any email! It’s fine if it comes from me

Yes … but

You can up the permissions to allow anyone to push the button and send an email. What this opens up though, is your Gmail account. You’d be setting the permissions to a shared view and edit state. The good is that your situation would work, but the bad is that your email account could be used for spam and/or others would have access to your account to send through it.

This is a tough one to solve for and if you absolutely need to have this, I might suggest creating an email account for purposes like this.

Here’s the settings to check for what you’re asking, but I’m also not necessarily saying go do it, that’s for you to decide. :smile: