Private view for all employees of their mails from Gmail

I want to sync Gmail with Coda and create a place where every employee will be able to view and send emails. Is it possible to create one page with table from Gmail Pack, where everyone will only see their mails? (similar to filtered task table, where person only sees their tasks thanks to User() filter).
It would work poorly when everyone can see each other mails and send mail not as themselves.

If there is a better way to solve this and implement Gmail to Coda I will gladly learn it.

You can set up the Gmail account to either private or shared when you install the pack:


Thank you for reply Piet.
This is not exactly what I have in mind. When I connect shared account everyone will still see all the mails from that one account. I want it that way so every employee has to connect their private account and will only see mails from their own private account

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