Google Adsense on Coda doc?

Is there any way to add Google Adsense ads to a Coda doc - either one published in the gallery or one published via a custom domain?

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Hey @Richard_Kaplan! I don’t believe we have any direct integration right now, so we’ve added this as a feature request for you. You’ll be notified if this gets built out!

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Thanks - as to integration all that would be needed is for me to be able to add the HTML code that Google requests somewhere on the page between <head> and </head>

Is that possible?

Not right now as far as I am aware, sorry. Since we’ve added your info to an FR for this though you’ll be alerted if this gets built out!


Adsense would be extremely helpful if you do add it and likely a win-win for Coda, Makers, and Readers.

The Pack system is terrific including its monetization; but there are limits to monetizing content at scale with that model alone, even though Packs create immense potential to create documents with valuable content.

Adsense would allow a way to monetize on a per-document, per-use basis and thus would likely drive more Makers, more Documents, more Readers, and thus more use of Coda by everyone.

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