Google Calendar "Delete event" does not delete all events if recurrence frequency is on


i just wanted to use a button to delete a created event that recurs every year but if i use the result link from the creation, it only deletes the first event, but not the recurring ones…

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

Hey @Jannis! Jen here from the support team. I asked some of our experts on the team and was able to track down an answer for you. It looks like if an event is part of a recurrence, then the field ParentRecurrence will be populated. So you can use the DeleteEvent formula, passing in that parent event’s ID or URL to delete the whole shebang.

You can find the Parent Event by using the dot operator to extract it from your event details. Here’s a visual below. I hope that helps!


Thank you Jen! :pray: I haven’t tried it out yet but i think that will solve my problem.

Hi Jen, sorry to bother you again but your solution does not work for me… After clicking the button with the details you shared in your screenshot, it just says “Couldn’t find this action in Google Calendar” or another error, no matter what i do
Screenshot 2023-06-02 013443

Hey Jannis! Would you mind reaching out to Coda support about this so we can take a closer look for you? Thanks!

Okay, will do. Thanks.


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