Google Drive pack still syncs deleted files

I started using the Google Drive pack instead of Dropbox because it is easier for me to add an embed column. I’ve noticed though that the pack will continue to sync files that have been deleted from the folder. The only way I know how to remove the sync is to either move the file out of the folder or to go into Google Drive’s trash and permanently delete it. Does anyone else have a workaround that doesn’t require I move a file before deleting it. I have others working within the folder so I don’t think that would be consistently followed.

I did confirm with the support team that this is a known issue, but was encouraged to ask here if others have workarounds for it.

As a follow up, if anyone knows how to force embed the preview link from the Dropbox pack that would be really helpful too. The Google Drive link just requires a substitute formula to change the last part of the link, but the Dropbox link that syncs with the pack and the public link that you can embed seem too different for me to figure out a way to do it.

@BenLee do you have any ideas here? My Google Drive pack syncs deleted items and it seems the only way to get rid of them is to empty the trash or move the file before deleting it. I can’t rely on other users to do that though.

Hi Tim,

I checked with Engineering and it looks like this is a possibility, but we don’t have it included in this version of the pack. I’m adding it to our internal team tracker as it makes sense to have it.

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Great. Thanks @BenLee!