Anyone used 2-way sync pack?

Hi! I’ve recently added 2-way sync pack in our documents. But I encountered an error during syncing. The new rows I added in Target Doc doesn’t automatically or not syncing in the Source Doc. Is there a way to resolve this? Especially if I have a very big table with hundreds of rows?

I’m the creator of the pack! Can you send me a doc link? Would love to check it out for you.

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Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir thank you so much for your response, this is my Source Doc and my Target Doc

Hey there!

I took a look and it seems that this pack along with my Table Duplicator pack both don’t work well when grouping is on the tables.

I ungrouped your tables and tested a few rows and it worked just fine!

Maybe try to have a hidden PROJECT TASKS table that has no grouping on it, and fire the automation off that table (and use its grid/table ID in your buttons)

Then, because you will need grouping for your users, make a VIEW of the original table that your users interact with.

Let me know if that makes sense!

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Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir , I tried ungrouping the columns. It worked fine when I added or modified new rows on both target and source doc. But, when I tried to delete a row in the target document, it didn’t remove the same row in the source document. Also, deleting a row in the source document didn’t remove the corresponding row in the target document. Instead, the row just got added again.

Yup - on the main page of the pack it lists that as a known limitation. Deletions don’t pass through.

You will have to delete rows using a button. That button should do two things:

  1. Send a webhook to the other doc with the Id of the row being deleted. When the other doc catches that automation, have it delete the corresponding row in the second doc
  2. That button should then delete the current row on which it resides.
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Thanks for getting back to me, @Scott_Collier-Weir. Despite ungrouping the columns, I encountered the same issue when attempting to use the pack in my other documents. And I’ve identified the issue - the automation isn’t clicking the button as intended. I wanted to ask if there might be an alternative solution to using automations?

Automations are the best solution by far. Let’s just make sure your automations are set up correctly!

Can you share some screenshots of your automation?


My Automation set up in my Target Doc:

My Automation set up in my Source Doc:

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