Grouped Select not working when Page is Locked

Hi Everyone

I am creating a project management table and have a few grouped columns, one of which is called “Set Delivery Week”.

The page is locked and for some reason it wont allow me to select anything when the page is locked, I have all options turned on in the Interact Only section of the locking controls, but it will only work if I turn off page locking

I’m sure this worked recently - has anyone else experienced this, is it a Coda bug?

Thanks Emma

Hey @Emma_Randle , just tested and can confirm that is not working, same with checkboxes & toggles etc… As soon as a column is set as “Group” like your Set Delivery Week, you can not make changes.

Feels like a bug to me as well, but not sure if it was different in the past. :thinking:


Hi Daniel

Thanks for confirming - do you know if Coda see these posts or should I contact them directly?

Thanks Emma

Hi Emma, Zac from Coda here! Thanks for raising this. Do you mind writing into chat support saying you found a bug? They should ask you to share info about how it occurs so we can pass it along to the right team.


Great, thanks Zac - have done

Kind regards