Grouped Tables are Slow

I am setting up a doc that has a data table with about 1000 rows and 10 columns. I have created a couple views of the table that are grouped by one column to show summarized values. However, these views are extremely slow to load (>5s) and navigation within the page is very delayed. Is there a way to make them faster or a better way to show summarized values for data that is growing (i.e. not a fixed number of rows in the summarized table)?

Dear @Courtney_Milligan1 , welcome to the community :handshake:

Sorry for the late reply, hopeful the issue is solved.

If you still need support, the best will be to share a copy of your document to understand what could cause it being slow and to get an impression of what you want to achieve.

Looking forward for your message :coda:

Groups are slow. That’s a fact.

If you need to make your view faster, there are options, each with their own trade-offs, e.g.:

  • You could have a separate table to show summarized values within rows, not groups of rows.
  • You could implement a “report table” that’s populated with data through a button, in any transformed view that you’d need.

I ended up making a sort of report table that is populated with a button. The number of rows in that table is dynamic, so the button was the best solution so I could add and delete rows.