Guess the number game in Coda!

I was recently thinking about the cool possibilities of Coda, and thought it would be interesting to make a “Guess the Number” game with different no code tools!

Here’s my attempt:


If you were to build this - how would you build it? Would love to see some cool ideas!


Hi @Andrew_Nelsen,

Welcome to the community!

And thank you for posting this. I got a score of 3 that I’m feeling pretty good about :smile:

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This is awesome! I got 6.

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This is awesome. I almost wanted to cheat and make a slider instead of a select-list so I could visualize my progress between “too low” and “too high” while I was guessing!

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All very good scores :raised_hands:

@Andrew_Stinger - That’s a super good idea - I think that could work with a table for previous guesses!

Got it!
(turns out you only have to click New Game about 460 times to have a 99% chance to get it on your first try at least once)

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Nice idea. Let me participate to the game.

This design features:

  • Click on a number to guess it (column buttons)
  • Filter out numbers that were too low or too high (formula filters).
  • Organization of the numbers on a grid thanks to grouping
  • Result immediately visible on the button (formula for enumerated values)
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Nice - added a whole new dimension to the game. Love the visual feedback with filtering - very cool!!