Harvest Pack and Project ID matching

I am currently using harvest for time tracking of employees based on a give task and project. Using the harvest pack, I was able to pull in all of the relevant information needed. (Project Name, Task, ID, etc.)

I also have a table that is syncing from air table that has all of the same information (project, name, id, etc.). But, airtable has additional information that is not part of the harvest sync (est vertical date, square footage, and general project information).

I am trying to write a formula, that connects the (2) tables based on the project ID.

I have tried to do a match formula, but it is not bringing in the same data. Is there something that I am missing? My thinking was to create a select list column that is pulling date from the project list (airtable sync) and then run a matching formula based on the IDs. But, it is not working…

Hi I would suggest to change the column to Relation type.
For the formula, I think you should use filter() instead. Can you try to this formula?

[DB_Project List (Active)].filter(Project ID = thisRow.Project ID)