Has Anyone created a Trade Conference Project Hub

I put on a trade conference each year where I lead a series of courses. There are 20 sessions and 30 presenter and faculty personnel to coordinate. There are many moving parts. I have historically done this in Smartsheet because it is so easy for people to access and update.

Ultimately there are about 50 plus people that would need access to the Doc. Here are my questions:

Has anyone used Coda for this type of thing?

Is it difficult for outside people to access?

Does anyone know if there is a doc template out there I could use?

Hi @James_Jordan

Coda is the perfect tools to use for that kind of project, and it’s very exciting to create a doc that will be used by 50+ people !

Every people that need access will just have to sign up with a mail adress, and reach the document with a direct url link. Given the number of participant (that will have different rights on the document I assume), I’d suggest to subscribe a Team Plan, so that you can lock/unlock pages, and manages rights on doc properly.

Given the specifications of your doc, it will be very unique, so I think it’s better to start from a blanck page and creating your very own process according to your trade conference.

Please DM if you want any external help for that project !



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This is definitely easy for Coda to do. I have created events management doc which had 30+ events over 5 months with multiple artists, short films, art exhibits, murals, vips and etc going on. If you are just using relations and lookups, many other apps like AirTable and Notion can do it as well. One thing to note is that while Coda will give you more functionality than the others, I like Notion for events more as their calendar view can pull in a lot of other data that other apps cant, and can give you a nice overview of everything.


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