Having problems with matched lookups

I have these tables

To contact

First Name Last Name Full Name Role Email Company Name Decision Maker? Type Phone Number
Joe Jones Joe Jones CEO Joe@zyz.om Xyz.ltd true

The Type Column above should seek to match the Company Name in the Lookup table Companies (below) and return the value of Type for xyz ltd.


Company Name Type Phone Number Address Date Created Creator Assigned Team Member
Xyz Ltd Prospect

I know that my problem is associated with the need to format to text but I can’t get the formula right. Any help much appreciated. Also, how can I format to show the table layout here…


Dear @Denis_Brennan,

In the table “to Contact” in the column “company name”, you should format this column to “Lookup from table”, like in the screenshot below.
In the section table you should select “companies”.

I hope this is what you are looking for.

Kind regards,


I don’t really understand. In the table “to Contact” in the column “company name”, this column is formatted as Lookup from table and that table is Companies. That works well. However how do I get “type” from Companies table into “type” in To Contact Table. Is Type in the To Contact Table supposed to be a lookup also?

Dear @Denis_Brennan,

In the column “Type” of the table “To contact” you write:

=[Company Name].Type

Kind regards,
Jean Pierre

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SOrry - this returns in the Type column all the values of Type in the Companies table. See below. I have set Type in To Contact as lookup from table / Companies and have also tried setting it as text. I am obviously doing something wrong…

Decision Maker? Type
true Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Prospect,Introducer,Introducer,Prospect

Dear @Denis_Brennan,

Please see the *.gif below, hopeful it’s more clear concerning the structure.

With the info provided by you I am not able to analyze where things go in the wrong direction.
You might share the doc to me, by sending a link to my email (traets@gotraets.org), so I can try to fix it and explain what I am doing.