Having the hover take me elsewhere

  • So what I’m trying to do is develop a relational model where I can specify the type of relationship between a person and an organization, not just a lookup. (kind of like a graph model)
  • doing this by having a table in between Person and Organization called Relation
  • This all works
  • But… when I hover over the relationships in the Person column, the popup takes me to the organzation record.
  • I would like it to pop up the Relationship record… so I can jump into that to edit it
  • Is that possible?

Hi @Jan_Bouten, thanks for reaching out!

It looks like we don’t yet have access to view your doc. Would you mind updating the permissions on your doc so we can take a look?

You can do that by going to the Share in the top right hand corner, clicking the configuration button in the top-right of the dialog window (to the left of the “x”), and toggling on Share with Coda Support (see gif for reference).

Oops… shared!

(would be nice if those three toggles were part in of the main sharing window vs hidden in the top)

Hey Jan! Is the relationship table the one you’re having an issue with? When I hover over a person, it looks like the relationships are what pops up — did you make any changes? If I’m misunderstanding, let me know :grinning:

I’m not explaining well… yes, you see the relationship, but you can only open the organization record from the popup - not the relationship record…

So if I hover over Tom’s relationship with Apple, the popup let’s me go to the Apple record, not the “Tom works at Apple” record.

Mind sharing the doc again? Happy to take another look and see what we can do for you here :slightly_smiling_face:

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