Help creating dependent tasks with dependent projects

Hi i’m struggling in finding a way to connect my projects and add tasks and subtasks to them.

It’s essentially a Jira emulator. So basically a way to go in a project and add tasks linked to them and subtasks. Certain projects would have linked-projects too. And the epics would be able to be linked to sprints.

I feel like this MUST have been done before. Could someone please direct me to the relevant resources please?

Hey there!

Your project is super doable - Basically it will come down to holding a table with your tasks and then have another table that references the task table via a lookup column to hold sub tasks.

You can then reference the sub tasks in the main task table via a filter like:

Here is an example Project Management document I created that actually has 4 layers of sub-tasks! It’s pretty wild but works really well.

Feel free to make a copy and take a look at my formulas and all the logic behind it making it work.

Reach out if you need any more direction!


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