Correctly Creating Sub Tasks

Noob here so go easy…

I have a structure with three tables. Projects, Tasks & Sub Tasks.

My issue is that some projects have tasks with the same name ie 3 projects may have a task called “Create Landing Page”. When I create sub tasks, linked to a task it’s not obvious there are three tasks with the same name and which to pick.

Is there a better way I should be structuring my tables or a formula I could use to help with the creation of the subtasks?

Hey @Luke_Desmond, welcome to the Community!

What I suggest doing in Best Practices Showcase and in general is to not use the item’s name as a Display Column but rather make a separate Display Column where you’d be able to e.g. combine the task’s name with the subtask’s name for easier identification:

Here’s the display column is a combination of project and task, both trimmed to 10 first characters. It’s just one way to do it — you can certainly go more creative about it.

Check out the series btw; they aren’t the most concise but they’ll give you a lot of aha-moments and insights into how to use Coda. The use case there is also very similar to yours.


Amazing, thanks! Will certainly check it all out.

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