Help text for columns

Most of our tables have explanation bullet points after the table explaining what to fill in to each field or column:

  • Title: Defect title, should give a clear name to the bug that we can use to refer to it
  • Component: Where the defect exists, or best guess if not known
  • Models: Affected models, should be empty for backend bugs
  • Classification:
    • Brick: Device requires replacement if the bug happens
    • Panic: Device panic reboots if the bug happens
    • Failure: Operation fails either in device or backend
    • Downtime: Not available either due to device or backend outage
    • Cosmetic: Operation success or failure is not affected, but something looks wrong
  • Percentage: Percentage of operations affected by the bug in affected device models

It would be great if we could actually tie this somehow to the column so the user would see a tool-tip or some other help text as a guide on how to fill the column value. There probably should also be a generic help text for the entire table that would guide how to fill the table, that could also be hidden normally to not clutter up the view.


Someone suggested something similar few days ago :wink: .
And I fully agree with you ;), that would be a great implementation :slight_smile: