Help With Formula WithName and ForEach

I have alot of subcontractor and i add dedution to their payment
i make a table sample of deduction (Sub Ded Sample) after i finsh it for subcontractor
i add this rows to the final table (Sub TotAL Ded)
it works well with the action( Add Sub Ded) and it add it for the selected Subcontractor

but i want this action to do the same for all subcontractor in table (Sub Con ADD DED)
instead of changing the subcontractor manaully and then add them to the table

Hi @Mohamed_Elrefae,

I have created a new button column in the Sub Con ADD DED table. This uses FormulaMap which is very similar to ForEach to run through each row of Sub Ded Sample and for each row create a new row in Sub TotAL Ded but instead of using the Pay No and Sub Con details from **Sub Ded Sample ** it will take the current row’s Pay No and Sub Con.


The big button outside the table just presses all of these buttons in order.

With this method you can populate the Sub Ded Sample however you would like without regard to Sub Con, then either press the button of a Sub Con in Sub Con ADD DED to all all rows as that particular Sub Con, or press the big button to add them all.

Hopefully this is what you were driving towards.

If not then please provide more detail and I will do my best to help.

All the best


thank you very much
it works well


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