Hide rows in a table with a button/control

I have a table with ideas (rows) for links to share in my email newsletter.

I have a toggle button in the table which I switch to ‘on’ when I have shared that link.

How do I create a button/control to only show rows in the column for ideas (rows) I haven’t shared?

Hey @Steven_Kryger ,
hope to understand your need correctly. If not, please make a screenshot or share the document so other community members can get a better picture of your table setup!

There is an easy way to do this with the premade interactive filters.

This will automatically give you a toggle to show either

  • shared ideas or
  • not shared ideas.

In some cases it makes sense to make your own filter control.

For example in your case, you might want

  • all ideas or
  • not shared ideas

In that case you can make your own toggle and add a custom filter to the column.

This formula will check if your own togglle is true, and if so, it will show all rows where the IsShared toggle is false. If not, then it will return true, which basically means “show me all rows”.


Thank you for this.

I’m using a detailed view for this table and it doesn’t look like filters or interactive filters can be used in this view. Is that correct?

It should work on any possible table view.

I just copied your doc and it works for me
2022-08-07 16.31.01

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Yes, I wasn’t very clear.

It seems that if I have a doc in Detailed view, I need to switch it to Table view, create the control, then switch it back to Detailed view.

The control can’t be added in the Detailed view (at least, not via the right-click on the column method).

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