Hide Sign in and re-direct on submisison in Forms

Hi there,

Can you help with 2 things:

  1. I’d like to hide the Sign in button in the top right on a public form which accepts submissions from anyone. How would I be able to do that?
  2. I’d like to re-direct to a custom URL upon submission of a public form. Is that possible now?


hi @Gergely_Koles ,
a quick response from my side.

  1. Can you share a screenshot regarding question one?
  2. my feedback on question two is that you cannot do so directly. The submit button is not a typcial coda button (malheureusement) and this implies you cannot manipulate its behaviour as we all might wish (at least I do not understand why Coda did not offer a variation on the button we have).

Below the options I see we have to manipulate the behaviour of a form. A redirect seems not included.

best, Christiaan

here’s a screenshot - see the Sign in option in the top right?

I am afraid you cannot. I tried removing the branding option, but this did not change anything. It is indeed weird. Well, forms like this I guess are mainly for internal usage. For a more pro usage you’d better move to solutions specialised in forms, if you ask me :wink:

Thanks for the reply - exactly my experience.

These seems some no brainer additions so I’m wondering if these are in considerations @BenLee ?