Forms: Hide "Sign in" Option

This has been noted a few times, but maybe not seen as a Feature Request so far:

Please add an option to remove/hide the whole Sign in row when embedding Forms.

It destroys the whole experience of having something embed into another system, when a sign-in appears. This counts for website, but even more when you embed a form in a closed area, where people already had to sign in to. Now, they see another “Sign in” and have no idea that this is about Coda.



And please add the same option for Coda forms in general. I send direct links of my forms to new prospects and they wonder what to do with the “sign in” option in the top right.


Good point thanks, have updated the title :slight_smile:

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Another time I’m embedding a form like this :sweat_smile:

Agreed. Forms face outwards to people who aren’t users of Coda. A “Sign In” prompt confuses the respondents. I’m even experimenting by hiding the Sign In button with a white image floated on top in my website page editor using absolute positioning. :man_facepalming:t2: Please can you allow us to disable it?