How are people recording their screens?

Sorry, stupid question, but I see multiple postings where people are showing very brief screen recordings to illustrate their points. I would love to do this but am not sure how. Is there a built-in screen recording app in Coda? What is everyone using to do these?


Dear Matthew,

There are no stupid questions.
There are many tools for screen recording, my personal favorite is “ScreenToGif” at

Obviously there are many more options available when you ask Google for a screen recorder.

Enjoy Coda,
Jean Pierre

Hi Matt,

I use CloudApp:

I love the customisation options, simplicity and shortcuts :slight_smile:


I’m currently using recordIt ( and I’m very happy with it because it is fast and easy, but the free version does not allow many frames.

I’ll check out the other suggestions. Cool post :+1:t4:

If you’re a Mac user, the new OS, Mojave, has built in screen recording (and screenshots). It’s pretty dreamy.