How can I access an image's full URL?

I am uploading images into my doc and was wondering if there is a way to reference the full url of the image. I have connected Zapier and need to pull in the image for use in a zap which means I need a row in coda that holds the full url. Any ideas?


Hi @Bryce_Vernon, thanks for writing in! We don’t currently have for support for referencing the URL of the images that you upload to Coda in the new Image column format. There are some outstanding technical/security questions we need to work through there.

However, if you are able to host your images outside of Coda then you should be able to use the old ImageURL column format and be able to retrieve the URL directly either via the API or in the formula language using [ImageURL Column].ToText()

this still true? no way to get the URL of an image uploaded to coda?

Yes, this is still true. There currently isn’t a way to get the URL of an image.

if there was an optional formula-column that we could generate and link to our image column that’d be awesome. when we push rows to a table to “archive” them so stuff doesn’t get to big, we can’t push the images from table to table with automation or a button. thanks @BenLee !


I was just trying to do this also… When creating a new Row in Coda (in my “Artworks” Table), push the Image to Cloudinary via Zapier.

Couldn’t find a way to extract the URL of an Image field, even using List() and First() in hopes it would be able to parse out the URL from the Array.

So here’s what I did:

  1. I have an “Images” field, type = Image: Image
  2. I have an “Image URL” field, type = Text
  3. After I upload the Image(s) to the “Images” field I click on the image and it brings up the lightbox (modal).
  4. Right click on the image and select “Copy Image Address” (or whatever your browser says…I’m using Brave.)
  5. Paste that into the “Image URL” field.
  6. In Zapier, reference the “Image URL” field for the “File or URL” resource.

Works a treat!

Note: If you also want to push images to Cloudinary, I created a hidden Formula field called “Title URL” which consists of the following formula to switch out spaces and “:” and “#” and sets the Title to Lowercase and this becomes the “Public ID” in Cloudinary:

Lower(RegexReplace(thisRow.Title,"[#: ]",""))

And I also pushed other field values to “Tags” in Cloudinary and it all works perfectly.

There is the extra steps #4 and #5 above but but those 2 clicks are sure easier than separately uploading and setting the Tags in Cloudinary.

Lastly, I auto-generate the Cloudinary URL for that Image right there in the Entry and use add’l checkboxes to handle my most used Cloudinary Transformations so the full resulting Cloudinary URL is just a click-n-copy to use wherever I want.


Please add support for this. I would like to reference Cover images in cards within coda pages so that when a cover changes the image in the page does as well.

Currently, when referencing the image directly I just get a tiny thumb but need a fullsized image.

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Fully agree with the need to get the direct image URL for uploaded (not linked) images. The tiny URL is really blocking me from generating a newsletter and using uploaded images in any nice sort of way, and I hate the idea of relying on a third party image host.

(I don’t work for or get paid by Cloudinary…Just love their service.)

One thing to keep in mind about Cloudinary as a third-party image host, they’re going to deliver an optimized and individually formatted image for each user’s browser.
For example:

  1. You upload your full resolution, full-size original image.
  2. You set URL options of "q_auto,f_auto"
  3. Cloudinary will then fully optimize the image (q_auto = quality auto)
  4. And deliver .jpg to Safari users and .webp images to Brave/Chrome users (f_auto = format auto)

You never have to worry about or deal with optimizing your images and exporting them in multiple formats for your users.

Plus… You don’t want to be using Coda as a CDN for images. It’s not optimized, or built, for that type of use.


I think I’ve posted the answer elsewhere already.

You can extract URLs but it’s not supported (uses a hidden formula that can break at any moment)


Hi Paul, thanks for this. I’m currently using this to get the URLs. Hoping an official formula is in the works

Thanks for the trick! I used it with a file, not an image, and it works perfectly at the moment


This thread got bumped for me by a like, so I’d like to link to a very recent topic with findings about how Coda image uploads work.

TL;DR: They are served through Imgix CDN. Optimized by default. Original images can be retrieved from* — just replace domains <->

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