How can I combine two tables?

This is actually something, that I’m trying to get done since while and coda, but I don’t have a clue at all how to do that - I tried so much…

Help would be much appreciated!

Coda doesn’t really have ways to automatically calculate the set of columns for a table, so adding a new product column to the combined table on each added product will be tricky.

Instead, you can add a “Purchased products” column to the combined table that is a relation to the products table, and then select from the dropdown the multiple products that were purchased.

This mean the multiple columns of checkboxes would be turned into a single column of dropdowns.

I very much recommend this approach. As your product database grows, you’ll appreciate this approach more and more.


@loucadufault I have a lot of use cases where i need exactly this functionality. Selecting multiple tags from a select list is not saving me any time in any one of them.

  • And I am talking about more than 20 tables, that each has thousands of rows. This task would take 10 seconds, if I find a solution or multiple months or years if I don’t, so using multi select lists is not possible.

@Piet_Strydom I use it for something else where this aproach is the perfect solution. Do you maybe know any pack, that adds this multidimensional table functionality?

Hello @Isebar_DE ,

I don’t think this is extremely complicated, but, looking at your sample tables, how would you know which product has been bought by a client? I only see a client table and a product table, no record of any transaction.

And, why would you want different columns for each product - that is not very sustainable if you have more than a few product - or if the products change over time?