How Coda can grow towards better integrating structured and unsctructuresd information?

Things I miss in Coda:

  • tags (like workflowy’s)
  • date mantioning (like workflowy’s)
  • backlinks (like obsydian’s)
  • command bar (like akiflow’s)
  • keyboard shortcuts (like akiflow’s)
  • global connections graph (like obsydian’s)
  • whiteboard (like fibery’s)
  • real inline full featured pages (like notion’s)


I’m just so thrilled you mentioned Workflowy - I’ve been a paying user for 6 years now and never met another soul who uses

Workflowy for life :facepunch:


It’s great! I love it

Yes please! Im just waiting for coda to become more of a second brain like obsidian and notion. There are still some features missing when it comes to making connections that would make it my go to app for all things notes and databases!