How do I troubleshoot a "Server Error" from another tool I'm connecting to via a pack?

Hi community! Would love help from anyone who uses @Leandro_Zubrezki’s ConvertKit Pack.

I am using a Coda form to survey my subscribers and then send that data back to ConvertKit. Here’s the “ingredients” I’m working with:

  1. The CK Pack’s Subscribers table. Table name = DB CK Subscribers
  2. A table to run my survey out of. Table name = SVRY Segmentation
  3. Custom fields in ConvertKit. These accept strings of text, nothing else.
  4. The CK Pack’s UpdateSubscribers Action.

The questions I ask in my Coda form are mapped 1-1 with 4 unique custom fields I have for every subscriber on my list.

Flow (v1)
The following steps describe my first attempt at getting this data from subscribers, into Coda, and passed over to ConvertKit:

  1. Subscriber receives an email from me with a link to my Coda form survey. I pass their unique SubscriberID (managed by CK) as a URL parameter so they don’t have to tell me who they are.
  2. They fill out the form and submit it.
  3. The form submission adds a new row to my SVRY Segmentation table. Along with their answers, I also recapture their SubscriberID so I can match their form submission to my record of them in my table DB CK Subscribers (managed by the CK Pack) via a lookup.
  4. A filtered view of DB CK Subscribers shows me Subscribers whose most recent segmentation survey submission does not match what I have in SVRY Segmentation. This view is called CK Subscribers who need updating.
  5. A Button runs the CK Pack’s UpdateSubscriber() Action in a ForEach formula that runs over the CK Subscribers who need updating and populate the subscriber’s most recent survey data in the columns that map to my CK custom fields.


I run the action, but get this error message:

I’m at a loss about how to proceed. This error message doesn’t provide any advice about how I can resolve this. I’m open to ideas for a different workflow for collecting and moving this data around if anyone thinks that will help. I don’t imagine there’s anything I can do about ConvertKit’s servers so… am I just out of luck?

Hi @Alice_Packard ! We are talking on Twitter but just so I leave a message here, the problem was that you are passing an empty string for the email to the action instead of passing the existing email address of the user.

I’ve just released a new version of the Pack with better error messages and also with autocomplete for custom fields, that way it is easier to build up the actions :wink:

Ah, a silly mistake on my part not realizing those other arguments were required for the connection to work! Thank you Lean :pray: very much appreciate your quick reply and assistance. I’ve got everything working perfectly now.

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Not a silly mistake at all, and my fault for not returning correctly the error message!

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