How do you set a monthly notification by date?

It would be awesome if you could work out how to put in monthly notifications by date or if for example March payment is complete it will automatically push the notification for April’s payment date to be set and so on.

Dear @Lynda_Reilly,

Not as simple as we should like, but there are more ways to “go to Rome”

I have no idea what this means lol

Dear @Lynda_Reilly,

According my best knowledge the above included post gives the direction how to get monthly automations implemented.

Obviously you will need to play around to get the settings according your expectations.

In case you face any issues feel free to share a copy of your dummy project and explain the expected outcome.


Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets, wanted to respond here as you also suggested that post in your respond to me over here:

I’m not sure if @Lynda_Reilly is exactly suggesting this - but when I look at these type of explanations, it is too overwhelming for me as a non-developer without trying to carve off a good bit of time and figure out what’s being proposed, in fact I don’t really understand what “Automated Text by Month” means. I am assuming that Lynda is expressing a similar difficulty in following. Lynda, what you are asking I understand very clearly and it’s similar to what I wanted to do - if a task is in a certain status at month’s end, create a new task related to that task. This strikes me as a sort of recurring task, not exactly what is being discussed here in the “Automated Text By Month” thread unless once again I am not understanding.

Hope that’s helpful, and thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets as always for all your help around here!

Hey Guys,

Sorry, nothing in the responses is making sense at all. Without full sentences being expressed its a bit confusing. Here is what I want to be able to do;

Recurring Monthly Payments - I want to create a monthly notification for each client’s specific payment date. Can it be done where if I have 5 clients with 5 different payment dates, a notification be set-up to notify me by email each day that there are payments?

If this is too confusing just forget it lol

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Hi @Lynda_Reilly

Please find attached a basic sample where you can have a different message for each month.
As soon as a new month starts ( the month should be listed in the table) the one that is added in the settings will receive a notification.

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