How can I schedule notifications?

How can I schedule notifications based on a date within a calendar and/or table? I need to set tasks for individuals within a document and I want them to receive a notification via coda (and therefore via email through coda notifications or directly to gmail with the pack if necessary). The automations are close to what I am looking for but not quite there - I need a notification sent on a specific date, not recurring on any daily/weekly/monthly schedule, nor do I need a notification of when a row or table is changed. It really is just a notification that a scheduled task is due or coming due and I can’t seem to find where to add that.

Thank you!

Hi @Ashlee_Klim, the way I do it is setup an automation to run everyday. The automation then checks if the Date = NotificaitonDate. If yes the notification is sent else it is not.

You can also see an example of this here