Send notification at specific time

Hello, I’m trying to do something that I think it simple, but I’m unsure how to go about it.
I have a Date Time field in my table.
When the time arrives, and the Status!=Completed, I want to send a notification to the user immediately.
Not the next morning, not at night, that time exactly.

Is this possible? If not, do let me know, I’ve been poking around in the automations and formulas and haven’t found anything. For now, I’ve just been using the Notion pack integrated with Coda to do this, but ideally I won’t have to use it

Are your date/times on the hour?

If not, you will have to use the scheduler pack by @Leandro_Zubrezki


@Fol_Eso as Scott mentions, you can use the Scheduler Pack and there are different ways you can set it up.

The best way I can think is to setup two automations, one that runs every hour and checks the when date and status, and the other a webhook based that will send the notifications.
From the first automation you schedule the webhook based automation that will be in charge of notifying the user using the Pack.

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Thanks for the replies @Scott_Collier-Weir @Leandro_Zubrezki! The scheduler pack works perfectly!

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