Scheduler Pack: Schedule a button press or a Coda webhook based automation to run in the future.!

Hi everyone!

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send yourself notifications at a specific time? :white_check_mark:
  • Or maybe schedule tweets to be tweeted with minutes precision? :white_check_mark:
  • And everything just using natural language for dates and time? :white_check_mark:

Let me introduce you, the Scheduler Pack!

It mainly consists in two actions, ScheduleButtonPress and ScheduleWebhookTrigger, which as the names suggest allows you to schedule the press of a button or a Coda webhook based automation to run in the future at a specific date and time :wink:

Quick preview of a personal notifications center :arrow_heading_down:

Learn more about the Pack here :arrow_heading_down:



Cool, so what’s the scheduling backend behind it?

Says connects to Google APIs — a GCP instance with cron?

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Thanks Paul!

It is Google Cloud Tasks with a Queue as a proxy to make the final http request to Coda at the specified time :slight_smile:

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Hey @Leandro_Zubrezki where can we learn more about the natural language syntax?

I want my buttons pressed every hour and at 11:59pm every night. How would I structure that? The documentation is brief.


There isn’t support to repetitive schedules, what you need to do is configure the action that is scheduled to schedule itself:

1: Schedule Button
2: Action Button

The schedule button will start the schedule, for example today at 11:59 PM for the action button to be pressed or the webook automation to run. Then the action button should be a RunActions, where the first action is what you want to do, and the second action to schedule the next iteration!

That will basically run indefinitely :slight_smile:

@Leandro_Zubrezki hey can you expand the documentation to explain how to get the DocID, TableID, RowID & ColumnID?

The community searches I have done have not shown anything comprehensive or easy to get these values if you’re not using the API.

Also, by asking for a column and a row - that is targeting a specific button in a table:

  1. Is it possible to target a canvas button?
  2. Is it possible to press all the buttons in a column?

The documentation included how to get the row id using a formula but I have also included how to get it for the doc, table and column. Remember you can also use the column and table names!

  1. It is not possible to click a button in the canvas as it is not available in the API.
  2. You can create a webhook based automation that clicks all buttons from the column.

It doesn’t seem to work for me. It’s either sending them instantly or not at all.

  • I tried “Now”, “In 2 minutes”, “In 20 minutes” - They all arrived instantly
  • I tried “In 1 hour” and it still hasn’t arrived, 90 minutes later

Do you know what’s going on or do you need more information?

This is normally how I use the scheduler pack - instead of the natural language route, pass it the exact time+date you want it to run using Coda formulas

And for the sake of completeness and for @Johg_Ananda , you can get the row-id with a formula like this and then pass it directly into a button

All the other IDs are easily able to be grabbed if you have developer settings turned on in your larger Coda account settings


Nice that works beautifully! Thanks :partying_face:

@Scott_Collier-Weir was faster than me to reply :sweat_smile:

As Scott mentions for relative dates it is better to use formulas with Now("minute") as the reference, glad it is now working!

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