How to add a subtable within a table through a button

Hi Coda Community,

Short time user, first time poster here. I have a templated table that i want to add to a master table as a subtable through a button.

Here’s the longer, and hopefully better, explanation: I have a large deals table that I’ve created to track deals that I’m working on. When a new deal comes in, I have an “add new deal button” where I fill in the necessary information to add a new row. Currently, in one of the cells, I’m using an @ formula to link to a page to do additional analysis. That analysis is completed on a templated table that I have stored on another part of the doc. I’m copying and pasting that doc into the newly setup page for every deal. What I’m trying to do is create a way to add the templated doc to the main table as a subtable with a button.

It should be noted that I have a different template for each type of deal that I write. In one of the columns of the main table, I specify which template that i’ll need to use. I’m hoping that I can add a button to the main table to pull the correct template into the main table as a subtable based on a choice I make in one column.

I’m curious if this is possible with the current version. I’m also curious if there are better ways to accomplish this task other than what I’ve outlined above. Please let me know if additional information is needed and/or if you need to view my table (not sure how I give access to a dummy version of my table) in order to better understand what I’m trying to do.



Hey @Dennis_Heaton it would be really helpful if you could create an anonymized version you could share here.

Hi Johg,

Sorry for the delay in providing this. Work/Kids/etc. Below is the link. Please let me know if you have any difficulty seeing it and/or being able to make changes within it.

While this is the setup I’ve currently constructed, I’m open to making any modifications including stripping it all down and rethinking the entire flow. Most of my days surround my deal workflow, so being able to make this as smooth and seamless as possible is my ultimate goal.

Here’s the link:

A few things to note regarding:

  • Current Setup-

  • Deals- I have a large flow of deals that i review (10-20/week or 1K+ over a year). I review many of the same deals on a yearly basis. Column 4 (Risk) in the Deals table is what I’d like to reference to pull a particular template for the specified Client. I’m currently using Column 7 (Notes) to reference a page where I’m housing the template (plus any additional info).

  • Templates- currently have 7 templates for the different types of risks. Each of them have some similarities, but they mostly have different questions. These templates are currently evolving, but will stay fairly consistent afterwards. I look at the same deals on a yearly basis, so I won’t be able to just “overwrite” the same template for a risk

Thanks for taking a look.


Hi @Dennis_Heaton the doc isn’t public and I can’t see it.

Hi Johg,

I changed the settings on the test dashboard to “anyone with a link can edit”. I’m sending you an updated link, so hopefully this works. Let me know if not.



OK I’m in - now what is the ? :slight_smile: