How to automatically create a daily report that summarizes every data created in that day using Canvas at every night?

I’m very new to Coda, so I maybe asking noob question. But if you could give me an advice, I really appreciate it! Thanks!

What I want to do:
I want to have a daily reports table in one of my personal pages with 2 columns, Date and Summary.
Date column contains Date type values that tell when the corresponding summary is created, and Summary column contains Canvas type values.
Within each Summary canvas, there are mainly 2 table views that filter Tasks table and Memos table for rows created today (or yesterday, or the day before yesterday, and so on).
And I also want to have every new row of this daily reports table created automatically at the end of the day.

Can you teach me how to achieve this behavior with Coda?

Thanks for reading! I really enjoy experimenting whit Coda!
If I am not specific enough, just ask me for more information you needed, please!

Dear @massive_ozone, welcome to the Coda Maker Community,

A good start will be to create a sample document, no problems that things don’t work (that’s the reason you question), but in this way with some fake data to make clear the direction you want to go.

The community has many supportive members, and with a sample it will be much more easy for them to start, with respect for their time.

I recommend to look at the Gallery for some sample that at least goes in the direction you have in mind.


Thank you @Jean_Pierre_Traets for great advice!
I simply didn’t know how to include sample doc in my question, but that must help the conversation, so I will try to do so :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Thanks always for your time!

I couldn’t find how to edit the original question after having replied, so I attach sample document that shows what I want to do here.
I hope this help you!

Dear @massive_ozone,

It looks like your sharing settings need to be updated to “everybody with a link” and community members can have a look if they can support you.

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