How to calculate two fileds in two different tables and match ID by name?

I have two different tables

Table 1 (table view)
resource name(korean), total working hour(given), remained working hour(calculated by two fields in different tables)

Table 2 (calendar view)
Resource name(korean), daily working hour, place, etc.

expected result
I want to get total for; working hour(table1) - daily working hour(table2), matched by resource name in two different tables. I want to show this result in table1 " remained working hour".

I’ve tried many different ways but no luck yet!

Question two

When I try to get output for table on CALENDAR TITLE as a formula; thisrow.resource name, thisrow.workinghour as a title of a calendar, how can I express it without error? It is difficult to set two text value at the same time. returned error~ :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support!

HI Joshua,

Welcome to the community!

It is always helpful if you could supply an example doc, so it is clear what you are trying to do.


Thank you for your reply, here it is~ It’s all Korean I’m on translation now

The formula for Remained Hours would be something like…

thisRow.[Total working hours] - [View of 근무표].Filter([근무자]=thisRow.[이름]).Sum()

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