How to change a dropdown column based on a previous column

Here’s the scenario:

Every year my friends and I go on a trip to Comic Con, and we split hotel rooms. I’m putting together an expense tracker to keep up with this. We sometimes have more than one hotel room, so I want to assign people in the list to a room, which is a row in the “rooms” table

To assign a person to a room I am giving them a column (“room”) in the “attendees” table. This is a select list, with the formula being room.number. This works great

The issue is, not everyone stays the same amount of time, so I want to check off which nights they’re staying. So, in the rooms table, I have a “nights” column which is a multi-selectable select list.

The problem: I want to have an attendee.nights column in the attendee table. I want the options for each row to depend on what room number they selected. So, I want the selectable options for attendee.nights to depend on what is selected in

I tried doing a filter of Filter(Rooms.Nights,Rooms.Number=thisRow.Room ) but I just get “blank” as the list of selectable items


Hi @Joseph_Blake - if the data is not private or if you can create a sample doc with the two tables would you mind sharing it here. That will help us see the setup and column formats and help faster.

Here ya go. I actually figured out how to use references, so I’m a step closer. I can get the linked reference of the list of nights in the other table. But now, in the attendees table, I want “hotel nights” to be a drop down that I can select different nights.

So, for example, Joe may stay every night in room 1, but Bill may only stay Sunday and Monday in room 1

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If you remove the column formula on Hotel Nights then that is a dropdown you can select from.

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