HOW TO? conditional summarize formula

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I have a table with a lot of data.

its invoices with dates, ammounts, project numbers, project categories and others

the rows (datas) I paste from an external export file

I want to make a conditional summary… but I cant make it work

I know the table views, but in this case I want to summarizeon different conditions with a fuction

I want to summarize the ammounts of a table collumn, but only then if eg. the project number is “140” AND project category is “organizational costs”

I used the sumif but it gives me a 0 :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @Konsztantinosz_Dulasz ,
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Would it be possible to share your document (or a sample of it) with your expected outcomes?
This way it would be easier to dig into and give a proper solution.

Thank you!

hi @Federico_Stefanato
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here is the link:

OK, @Konsztantinosz_Dulasz , I think I got your point.

I already provided the formula in your doc, but perhaps it worth explaining a bit:

[Table 1].Filter([Termék, szolgáltatás]=150).[Tétel bruttó érték].Sum()

In plain english:
“Please, give me the sum of Tétel bruttó érték column for all the rows that have Termék, szolgáltatás = 150”

Why SumIf() is not working?

SumIf([Table 1].[Tétel bruttó érték],[Termék, szolgáltatás]=150)

or the equivalent, which helps to better understand:

[Table 1].[Tétel bruttó érték].SumIf([Table 1].[Termék, szolgáltatás]=150)

The context of the formula is the last element you are referring to and the condition is bound to it.
So, the “If” of the SumIf() is evaluating the condition over the iterating element (the [Tétel bruttó érték] column.

It would work if you ask something like:

[Table 1].[Tétel bruttó érték].SumIf(currentValue >10)

I hope this clarifies a little bit.
Let me know otherwise.



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