How to create a smart & automated employee scheduling app?


I’m new to Coda and looking for making a smart & automated employee scheduling app (if possible).
Could you provide some help?

A) Here is more information about what we need as an employee scheduling app:

At this time, we manage our employee schedule in Excel. It is not always obvious to schedule 60 employees and many departments by using a static Excel spreadsheet!

Below is how our spreadsheet is currently configured:

  1. Top row: the 7 days of the week

  2. First column: Employees names

  3. Second column: Shifts are identified as; Morning, Afternoon and Evening and a Total row as well. Therefore, there are 4 labeled rows next right to an employee name.

  4. There are 2 columns per day of the week. The first column indicates at what time the employee must begin to work. The second column indicates when the employee must pause working for lunchtime or for end of work.

  5. Lastly, there is a Total labeled column at the far right of the table; to indicate the total number of weekly scheduled work hours per employee.

  6. There is a Total row at the bottom of the table; to indicate the total number of daily scheduled work hours.

This would reproduce our current spreadsheet…

Next, how to make it smart and automated?

How to allow as much time saving as possible?

B) Interesting features to obtain:

For example, each employee has schedule constraints. Some employees can’t work in the evening, while others can’t work in the morning… Most employees are available to work only a few hours a week and some during the evening only, etc.

In addition, how about if an employee can’t work tomorrow morning or if he an employee requests leave? How to automatically notify the other employees in order to replace this employee?

Hence, is it possible to create something having such features while being as smart and automated as possible?

Thanks for your input!

Dear @Vince_Design,

I strongly recommend :white_check_mark: this template created by @benblee

Just some more important points to be clarified are:

  1. How many persons / shift are required?
  2. Are the shifts 24 hours, 365 days a year?
  3. Total amount of staff available?
  4. One or more departments work in shifts?
  5. Are the working hours / day for each person always the same?
  6. Law enforcement on breaks and rest hours?

Although I can’t promise that I can make the tool as you expect, the above points and possibly more popping up need to be clarified before creating the schema.:handshake:

It would be great if you could share the Excel file, while the names could be changed to “person-1. person-2” for privacy reasons.:bulb:

Kind regards,
Jean Pierre